Majority of Babies Born From Online Relationships by 2037 Says eharmony

Research from eharmony has suggested that by 2037, the majority of babies will be born to parents who met online. The company also claims the percentage could be as high as 40% by the end of the next decade.

The study was conducted in collaboration with Imperial College Business School, a long-time partner on the dating company’s analysis.

The results were calculated using current UK birth rate projections and data taken from eharmony.

Speaking about the research, eharmony’s Head of Marketing Romain Bertrand said in a statement: “It’s very positive to see that online dating is set to continue opening doors for singles into the future.

“At eharmony we are consistently updating our site functionality and unique Compatibility Matching System to ensure we remain on the front foot when it comes to creating online relationships.”

Imperial College Business School previously worked with eharmony to create the ‘Future of Dating 2050’ report, which detailed what the online dating industry could look like in 30 years.

It predicted that the average age of online daters might rise to 47, and that virtual and augmented reality technologies could become part of most brands’ products.

Best estimates suggest that around one third of new relationships between 2015 and 2019 started on dating and social media platforms. However, a recent report from hedge fund Tyro Partners wages that the figure could be closer to three-quarters.

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