Mandy Ginsberg Still Doesn’t Consider Facebook a Threat

Mandy Ginsberg has again reiterated her confidence that Facebook Dating isn’t a threat to Match Group or Tinder.

The CEO of Match Group was talking at Fortune’s Brainstorm TECH conference in Colorado, and the main line of questioning surrounded Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in May.

Ginsberg told the story of the day of the announcement, which caused the stock price of MTCH to drop by 20%. She had just finished preparing remarks for an earnings call when she first heard the news.

She said to Fortune: “The stock started dropping a dollar a minute. I just threw all [my prepared remarks] away and started over.”

However, Ginsberg and her team remain confident that they won’t lose too much business to Facebook. The belief is that young singles will want to keep the social network separate from their dating lives.

The numbers back this up as well, Ginsberg argues. Tinder users used to sign up through Facebook connect, but once an SMS option was added to the sign up process, 75% of new consumers chose the alternative.

The main market that Match Group expects to retain are the ‘serious daters’. Ginsberg explained that if someone is serious about looking for love, they will want an app (or apps) that is solely focused on helping them.

Ginsberg said to Fortune: “When you really want to get out there and meet someone, you’re usually on more than one [app], usually three.

“While I’d never underestimate Facebook, we focus on just one thing.”

The CEO recently conducted a similar interview with Recode, where she also claimed to be “not too worried” about Facebook. On both occasions she was keen to express that Match Group are not ruling them out completely, however.

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Dominic Whitlock

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