UK Murder Review Leads to Online Dating Recommendations

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The 2014 murder of Karen Catherall in Wales has led to new recommendations being made with regards to safe online dating in the UK.

Catherall was attacked and strangled by Darren Jeffreys, a man she had met on dating site POF.

A Home Office report, released this year, calls for more information on the risks of online dating to be made publicly available.

It suggests council safeguarding websites and advice pages for domestic abuse victims could be appropriate spaces for the information.

Police forces in the USA are also currently warning of an increased risk of online dating related crime.

Police in New Haven, Connecticut, for example, say they are investigating more dating crimes now than they ever have before.

They urge daters to meet in public places with large numbers of pedestrians, and to save online information when possible.

Singles should also arrange their own transport, stay sober, and leave the date if they begin to feel uncomfortable.

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