‘Simultaneous VR Experience’ for Couples Unveiled

Virtual reality

Adult entertainment site VRB, profiled here by newswire.com,  has announced the release of a ‘cooperative’ Virtual Reality experience for pairs.

‘Couples Retreat’ allows two users to watch (and act out) a scene from different, synchronised perspectives.

The scene itself will provide cues and directions to assist users in acting out the virtual events.

CEO Daniel Abramovic described the innovation in a VRB press release yesterday: “Now you can experience the Virtual Reality (…) together with your partner. All you two need to do is to put your VR goggles on, and let yourself be guided by the course of events”.

“This is a first ever experience of a kind”,  Abramovic added. The technology, he claims, may be able to reinvigorate old relationships.

The company hopes that future technology will enable touch and taste to be better integrated into Virtual Reality experiences, but notes that a mutual experience is a great workaround on that front – it is possible straight away.