Student Ambassadors Vital to Bumble’s Campus Strategy

University of Texas newspaper The Daily Texan has published an article covering how Bumble student ambassadors have contributed to the app’s growing success at colleges.

Representatives, also known as Bumble Honeys, are tasked with hosting parties, yoga classes and marketing stunts on campus to boost brand awareness, as well as posting promotional material on social media.

Bumble lists some of the perks of the role as being paid-for bar tabs, exclusive merchandise and free entry to other social or networking events. There is also an opportunity for the best performing ambassadors to be entered into postgraduate programmes.

Chief Marketing Officer Samantha Fulgham told The Daily Texan: “Bumble can be an incredible tool for college students to meet someone. Bumble has users across all age groups, and college-aged students definitely make up an integral part of our entire community.”

The social app also offers safe and secure late-night transport around the campus.

One student said she believes being a social media influencer is currently a very popular way to earn money and, therefore, promoting Bumble is seen as a “cool thing to do”.

Competitors Tinder recently launched Tinder U to help students meet people at their new college, or even date singles from nearby rival schools.

Bumble has released a new premium feature called Spotlight which promotes a user’s profile at the top of the pile for 30 minutes.

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Dominic Whitlock

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