Study Reveals USA Dating App Usage by Region


Mobile technologies company StartApp has released a study containing data on where the best places to date online are in the USA.

It found that Alaska has a male-to-female ratio of three-to-one on dating apps, and that New York, California and Washington are similarly imbalanced.

The most even male-to-female ratio was found in the state of Maine. Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Iowa also had very even gender ratios on the apps.

Nebraska and Maryland had the highest rates of dating app use, with over one-in-eight residents in these states having a dating app on their device.

Arkansas had the lowest rate of usage, with only one-in-fourteen residents having a dating app on their device.

Of the states that had high rates of use, such as Illinois (one-in-eight), many were carried by extremely high prevalence in cities (one-in-six Chicago residents have a dating app downloaded).

The study also presents a range of more granular findings, such as that 59% of dating app users based in The Bronx also make use of mobile banking apps, compared to just 35% of dating app users based in Manhattan.

California was found to have almost twice as many dating app users per capita versus New York – a major difference between the two major US population centres.

The study notes that “San Francisco boasts better odds for making cultured connections” – users in this state were very likely to also have travel apps downloaded.

Read more from the study here.