Swedish Video Profile Startup HIMYNAMEIS Goes On Sale

HIMYNAMEIS, a newly developed dating app that integrates short videos into Tinder-style profiles, is now up on sale worldwide.

The platform encourages users to introduce themselves via a quick, 1-10 second video clip that can either be uploaded or recorded in-app.

It also features searchable hashtags to help users connect with people who share their interests, and smart algorithms that bump the most engaging profiles to the front of the queue.

The service is currently monetised via Google AdMob, with advertisements showing after every X swipes (adjustable), and has the potential to adopt a freemium model that allows users to exceed the X-profile-per-day limit.

Unusually for a dating app, video advertisements integrate particularly well into the swipe-based interface – they blend seamlessly into the profiles and can easily engage consumers as they browse.

Third parties can also pay to have their hashtags ‘featured’ on HIMYNAMEIS. McDonald’s recently collaborated with the founders on #burgerlover, offering singles the chance for 2-for-1 meals if they used the tag on their profiles.

The platform supports English and Swedish languages, and comes with a WordPress website that features a blog.

The asking price is $90k. This includes the technical platform (backend with iOS and Android apps), documentation, app admin interface, the website and the brand. The founders will be available for product related questions during a transition period of one year after purchase.

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