Tinder Announces it is Reviewing its Gender Pay Gap


Yesterday, Tinder announced that it will be carrying out a comprehensive review of its structure to try and assess and tackle the gender pay gap.

Tinder said that it was “determined to play a bigger role in the fight for gender parity in the workforce” , and has commissioned a consulting firm to conduct an assessment of its structure.

A Tinder spokesperson said: “Following the assessment, we will reveal findings and encourage other companies to do the same. If any wage discrepancy issues are found, then we will take all necessary steps to promote an equitable compensation programme for all employees in 2018.”

The gender pay gap has been the centre of attention as the UK government has asked for all firms with over 250 employees to publish their own data about it next month.

1609 firms have already published their information, and there are around 9,000 firms that still need to.

Firms such as Royal Mail and Majestic Wines have revealed that women’s average pay is actually higher than men’s.

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Chloe Gay

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