Tinder Appears to Test New ‘Platinum’ Subscription Plan

Tinder is reportedly live testing ‘Tinder Platinum’, a brand new premium tier that would give subscribers more premium features than Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus.

A screenshot was posted to Reddit by a user who explained that they’d come across the page while signing up for a Tinder account in an incognito desktop Google Chrome tab.

They attempted to sign-up for Tinder Platinum but only received an error message.

The page shows some of the features that might be available with a Platinum account, which includes the ability to include a message with a Super Like and prioritising the profile’s position in the stack.

It also appears to cover the ability for the user to see who likes them. This is a feature that is already included in Tinder Gold, but might now be upgraded to Platinum only.

The initial pricing for the new premium accounts appears to be just under $20 per month, with discounts offered for buying in six or 12 month blocks.

A spokesperson for Tinder gave a very vague explanation to Mashable when they said: “As discussed on the Q1 Match Group earnings call, Tinder is testing a number of revenue features throughout the second half of 2020”

Earlier this month, Tinder announced it was starting to test its video call mode in several markets around the world including four US states.

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