Tinder to Release ‘Swipe Night’ Show in Indonesia

Tinder will release its first original show Swipe Night in Indonesia this March, which the app company says will give extra conversation material for daters.

The video, which is both game and show, lets users experience a post-apocalyptic world. In it, players influence their character’s actions at key points in the story, which subsequently affect which profiles users see.

Each episode of Swipe Night will be released on Sundays throughout March.

Swipe Night was first released to a US audience on the 6th October last year and matched users that made the same in-show decisions.

Early data from the dating app showed that user activity increased significantly while the show was being aired. The number of matches made rose by 26% and the number of messages sent also went up 12%.

24-year-old director Karena Evans, who has also worked on a couple of Drake’s music videos, has been included in the GDI Power Book for the part she played in the project.

Earlier this week, Tinder announced a new sponsorship deal with Brazilian esports organisation paiN Gaming, its second partnership with a video game team from the country.

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