The GDI Podcast: UrSafe Co-founder Explains How to Keep Daters Safe Once They Move Offline!

UrSafe is a personal safety app that can give daters and their families peace of mind when they’re out meeting someone for the first time.

Its unique arsenal of features, such as fake phone calls, hands-free SOS alerts and live GPS trackers, can help people quickly leave a bad date or call for help if they feel threatened.

The app was co-founded by Dr. Anthony Oyogoa, who saw the need for a product because more and more people are meeting strangers. This doesn’t just include dating, but expands to other areas like ride-sharing and food delivery.

UrSafe announced a partnership with The Meet Group at the beginning of July to help keep matches safe. Anthony also hinted at more major partnerships coming in the near future.

He appeared on The GDI Podcast to talk more about these collaborations, explain how he’s helping to keep modern daters safe, and what impact virtual dating is having on offline security.

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Dominic Whitlock

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