Tinder Posts Video Showing How to Stay Connected

Tinder has released a video to show its community how they can continue to stay connected with friends and maintain romantic relationships while being advised to stay at home.

The sixty-second video titled “Together is Epic” is mainly targeted at its Indian users and promotes many of the ways that people can socialise without going to restaurants and bars.

It shows couples having virtual dinner dates, friends playing a variety of games together and discussions about its popular interactive video series ‘Swipe Night’. Viewers can watch the show together and interact with other Tinder users who made the same choices as them.

Data from the company shows that user activity has increased during the periods of lockdown. In India, the number of conversations taking place have grown by 39% while the average interaction is now 28% longer.

A Tinder spokesperson told AFAQS“The pandemic has blurred the lines between digital and physical lives, and Gen Z is finding new ways to connect despite the odds. There is something to say about the power of digital connection and shared social solidarity while facing uncertainty. 

“Our members have found virtual ways to replicate all the human interactions missing from our daily lives; cooking dinner together, Passporting to other cities to check in on each other, having a virtual date-night, it shows us how #TogetherIsEpic.”

Tinder made its Passport mode free for all users in March to help them connect with people all around the world to find out more about their culture and experiences. It also made sure that they didn’t run out of matches in their immediate vicinity.

Bumble released its own video last month to show how the online dating experience has been drastically changed.

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