Tinder Ranks Fifth in All-Time List of Facebook User Logins

Thinknum has released its latest set of Facebook login data, showing each app’s average monthly active users rank.

Since it peaked in the second position at the beginning of August, Tinder has been slowly dropping and is currently the 12th most popular app by Facebook logins.

This gives it an all-time average rank of 12.3, putting it in fifth overall behind Pintrest, Candy Crush, Spotify and TripAdvisor on this measure.

Badoo welcomed its 400 millionth user in September and now has an average rank of 33.

These numbers suggest high churn at the top of the Facebook login rankings. Tinder has continued to maintain a steady position in the top 15, despite gradually falling over the past few months.

The decline could be attributed to users losing trust in Facebook logins because of numerous data privacy scandals, rather than a decline in Tinder as a whole.

Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg believes the unwillingness of singles to attach their dating profile to their Facebook accounts is evidence that her firm’s subsidiaries will be largely unhindered by the introduction of Facebook Dating.

Match’s end-of-year earnings report showed the amount of Tinder premium subscribers had grown by 1.2 million in the 12-month period, to a total of approximately 4.3 million.

Ginsberg has recently reported that Tinder hasn’t been impacted in any of the markets that Facebook are currently testing in – Colombia, Canada and Thailand.

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